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Center City Trinity Renovations and Additions​

This project was for a Philadelphia museum curator who wished to renovate and completely transform her “trinity” rowhouse. Set on a small back street in the Fitler Square neighborhood of the city, the project involved completely renovating all three floors of the house along with small additions at each level. 

Chestnut Hill Garage and Exterior Area Improvements

A largely exterior project to improve the appearance of the existing detached garage and create a private semi-enclosed shaded area with a trellis, climbing vines, and new flagstone hardscaping right next to the existing house that would act as a transitional space to the more open and raised upper back yard. The project took advantage of existing elements (the garage and stone walls) while adding  new features as needed to create new spaces.

West Mount Airy Kitchen and Breakfast Room Renovation

A kitchen renovation that combined several existing smaller spaces to create a new expanded kitchen and breakfast room. An existing opening between the two spaces was enlarged and a walk-in bay window addition was added to the breakfast room on the back of the house to connect it to the existing brick terrace and provide views of the backyard beyond.

Wyndmoor Kitchen Renovation

A kitchen renovation in a Colonial Revival home designed by the renowned Philadelphia Architect Brognard Okie.  A no longer used maid's room was combined with the existing kitchen area to create a more open and livable kitchen layout while the design and details of the new kitchen were made to match the materials, details, and hardware of the original house.

East Mount Airy Kitchen Renovation

A kitchen renovation within an older stone home that combined several existing smaller spaces to create one larger kitchen with a built-in banquette and a small protected entry in the back.  The re-orientation of the kitchen within the space allowed for an island and new French doors  that connected the kitchen directly to an exterior terrace.