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Chestnut Hill Renovation and Addition​

A renovation and addition project to a turn of the Century home located near the Morris Arboretum in Chestnut Hill. The project includes an expanded new kitchen and adjacent family room with a large cupola designed to let natural light filter into the center of the space. It also includes a new mudroom entrance  and an elevated flagstone terrace directly off the family room to integrate interior and exterior spaces.

Fort Washington Renovation and Addition

The addition of a conservatory sunroom with a vaulted ceiling and fireplace, a new elevated deck area, and exterior landscaping including a large terrace and outdoor fireplace. The project also included a full kitchen renovation and other home improvements. 

Wyndmoor Whole House Renovation with Additions​

A complete renovation of a home in Wyndmoor. We replaced an existing two-story back wing with a three-story addition and added a fully finished and expanded basement, along with extensive renovations to the remainder of the house. The exterior was also fully renovated to blend the new and existing parts of the house and we added a garden shed, flagstone terrace, and other landscape improvements.

Springfield Township Renovation and Addition

A family room addition combined with a complete kitchen and dining room renovation and other improvements. This house is located in Springfield Township near the end of Forbidden Drive in the Wissahickon Park and was completed in 2018.